Search engine optimization has become an art form, given all the changes to search engine algorithms thus far. To avoid Google penalties and maximize online exposure, your online presence must adhere to modern SEO standards. Since Google has shifted the emphasis to valuable, original content, SEO is becoming trickier to execute correctly.

At Social Link, we’re SEO experts. Our team of professionals will provide your business with comprehensive website reviews, local search strategy tips, SEO content creation, and strategy development. Paired with our expert web design and development services, Social Link’s SEO assistance gives your website the tools needed to get noticed by your audience.

Website Review

Social Link provides website reviews designed to pinpoint errors and potential improvements in currently deployed SEO tactics. In the past, acceptable SEO tactics may have included keyword stuffing, questionable back-linking techniques, and other “black” or “gray” hat SEO tactics. Now, however, business websites that remain full of these old-school tactics are at risk of facing severe penalties – including blacklisting – from Google. Social Link’s website review does the following:

  • Evaluates Onsite Content Quality
  • Reviews Current SEO Techniques
  • Identifies Weaknesses in SEO Strategy
  • Documents SEO “Red Flags”
  • Develops an SEO Update Strategy

In addition to website reviews, the team at Social Link provides businesses with the tools needed to take advantage of Google’s search algorithm updates to include the development and implementation of local search strategies.

Local Search Strategy

With Google’s increased emphasis on local search, businesses with a physical presence need to develop a comprehensive local search strategy that incorporates SEO best practices. At Social Link, our team of SEO professionals knows how to help your business take advantage of Google’s local search features, maximizing exposure to local customers. Among other services, Social Link provides businesses with the following:

  • Local Search Strategy Review
  • Local Directory Submissions
  • Directory Profile Management
  • Brand Presence on Third Party Review Sites
  • Mobile Optimization

SEO Content Creation

As opposed to outdated SEO techniques like “keyword stuffing,” Social Link provides content creation services that incorporate modern SEO tactics while providing readers with valuable, brand-centered information. The key to boosting sales, generating leads, and engaging customers is the dissemination of quality content on multiple platforms.

Website Copy

As a business owner, you’re probably already aware of the importance of onsite SEO. Since Google changed its search terms, however, old site copy is at risk of being “skipped over” by Google’s discerning site crawls. To maximize the effectiveness of onsite content, it’s essential to ensure website copy adheres to current SEO standards.


Blog content is another area that needs an SEO makeover to perform well with Google’s algorithm changes. If your business blog format follows old SEO standards, your blog’s content is likely to be ignored by Google.

Social Media

Whether your company uses one social media platform or all of them, SEO remains an important part of distributed content. Social Link’s SEO copywriting services ensure your social content shows up consistently in search engine results.

Are you achieving the online visibility and SERP rankings you set out to accomplish? Contact Social Link today for an individualized consultation.