As mobile devices are slowly outnumbering the world’s population, it has become essential that businesses make their online presence accessible to the customers who use them. For brands, adding mobile accessibility as a website feature effectively maximizes revenue by increasing customer engagement and online visibility. At Social Link, our mobile services are designed to help your brand receive the attention it deserves by enabling mobile access to content.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a fantastic way to provide customers with a hassle-free method of interacting with your brand from nearly any mobile device. With Social Link’s custom mobile apps, brands provide customers with expedited access to branded websites, exclusive offers and coupons and loyalty reward programs. Consider the following benefits of launching a branded mobile app:

Encourage Engagement

Branded mobile applications encourage customers to engage with a company from the comfort of a mobile device. Exciting features of a mobile app may include weekly specials, coupons, and exclusive deals.

Reward Loyal Customers

Mobile apps are a great way to reward your most loyal customers. Using gamification techniques, Social Link’s team develops mobile applications designed to recognize top brand ambassadors and inspire friendly competition through leaderboards, badges, and special titles.

Increase Brand Interest

Most modern mobile devices are capable of sharing mobile apps with other devices. For brands with fun mobile apps, this feature increases brand interest and awareness by motivating users to recommend the app to friends and family.

Mobile Responsive Websites

With the marked rise in mobile device use, businesses without a mobile responsive website may lose up to 50% of potential sales. As opposed to launching a mobile-only website, mobile responsive websites automatically adjust to accommodate an end-user’s device. Transforming your brand’s current site into a mobile responsive site has multiple benefits for businesses.


Transforming your current website into a mobile responsive design is a cost-effective option for many businesses. A mobile responsive website retains customers that would otherwise leave your site while integrating mobile capabilities. This means businesses do not have the added expense of maintaining a mobile-only site.

Uses Less Resources

Operating a mobile responsive site requires less available resources than operating two distinct websites. Managing one mobile responsive site allows businesses to reduce hosting, management and IT expenses while increasing brand awareness and online visibility.

Increases Accessibility

When launching a mobile responsive site, businesses often experience significant differences in traffic and engagement levels. Mobile responsive sites enable customers to interact online from any device, making brands available whenever and wherever customers need them.

Mobile Strategy

Since mobile use is skyrocketing and devices are rapidly outnumbering the population, a solid mobile strategy has become increasingly important for businesses. When working with Social Link to develop a solid mobile strategy, your brand benefits from partnering with experienced strategists who provide comprehensive website management services and SEO guidance.

Is your brand accessible from any mobile device? Are you concerned you’re losing business as a result? Contact the mobile experts at Social Link today for assistance.